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Reading the Bible Day 9

Hello! Welcome to Day 9. Today we learn a little more about Jacob and the famous story of him working for his two wives from his Uncle Laban. There's a lot to process here so let's dive right in!


Scripture to Read

An audio version read by pastor Nick is below if you choose to listen instead of read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

As usual, I encourage you first mediate on any questions that arise as you are studying. This is God speaking to you in His own unique way and somewhere in God's whisper is the insight you need for this day. However, if you wish to meditate on my thoughts I am honored for that as well.

  1. Do you find the story of Jacob and Rachel cute or obsessive? Further, Jacob's lack of attention to his first wife, Leah, is really disturbing for me. But, I am also Jacob more often than I want to admit. I am really short with people if I have my mind on something else or I'll go out of my way to avoid conversation if I don't feel like talking. But, I wonder how Leah felt to always feel neglected and how desperate she was for not necessarily affection, but appreciation for who she is and what she does. Who in your life could use a little appreciation? Who could use conversation, even if you're busy?

  2. Laban was frequently manipulative to Jacob and his family. Stealing from him, not being truthful, changing his wages, etc. But Jacob did not respond with violence, but rather kindness every time. He walked away from the situation rather than responded to it. In our society right now, it is more common to engage rather than walk away. What is more Christlike? How do you decide if it's something you should engage with or it's better to walk away from?

  3. Rachel becomes sneaky with her fathers household items in that final chapter and I can't help but wonder if she was always this way or if Jacob had influenced her in their time together. We already know that Jacob is a sly guy. Who are the people in your life? Are they a positive influence on you or a negative influence? Could it help you walk with God to distance yourself from someone in your life?

Consider these questions and your own and share them in the comments below or take part in the discussion at



Our father that rests in the heavens, hear our prayer. Like Jacob earning the love of Rachel, we want to work not to earn your love, but to justify it. As we do the diligent work to read your Word, and listen to your movements in our lives, we trust that this process will make us Spirit-led people. Keep me accountable, Jesus, to this journey with you, trusting in your goodness to see me through it. In your holy name, I pray, Amen.


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