Reading the Bible Day 14

Hi everyone! Don't worry, I didn't forget about our commitment to read the Bible in a year. My sister in law got married this weekend and I had the honor of officiating the wedding. But...that also meant I never got the time to sit down in front of my computer and pump this out. Sorry for the delay! 6pm is the same as 6am, right? Anyways, enjoy the grand reveal of Joseph! This is such a good story. It's so well written.

Reading for the Day

Genesis 43-45

Psalm 14

Audio Bible

Questions to consider

As always, begin your time with considering what God is speaking to you in your own reading of it. But, I also invite you to consider the following questions as well.

  1. Joseph gives his brothers a massive bounty of food in a time when all of Egypt is in famine. This is hardly considered good leadership in a time of national crisis. It reminds me of our own culture right at the beginning of the pandemic when the stores were being slammed and you couldn't find anything except canned tuna and noodles. Do you think that God should have reprimanded Joseph to ensure there was enough for the poor? Or do you think I'm reading into this too much?

  2. What does this say about humanity? From the way Joseph plays his brothers with the silver cup and the way he gives extra food during a crisis? What does this teach us about humanity?

  3. What does it teach us about creation? (famine vs prosperity, animals as work beasts, etc.)

  4. What does it teach us about the relationship between God, humanity, and creation?


Blessed God, today was a day where we came together as a conference to celebrate our connection. Thank you for the collective work we accomplish as a conference and we pray for another great year of doing good works around the world. While our teamwork accomplishes worldwide tasks we promise to do our work in our community one good work at a time. In your name, we lift up our actions and study for your glory, amen.

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Devotional Prepared by Pastor Nick Gliha on September 27th at 2020

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