Reading the Bible Day 51

Good morning! Tomorrow we bring the book of Numbers to a close. You know the expression when one door closes another opens? That's sort of how I like to read the Old Testament which as you are discovering can be both tricky, disturbing and well...boring at times. But each book that closes is another segment of history of ancient faithful followers of God trying to understand God, themselves and their place in the world. Each door leading closer to the arrival of Jesus, and closer to our place in the procession of saints as Rev. Joyce talked about this past Sunday. (Message here --> Due to the shorter nature of the next two days of scripture take some time to meditate on the book of Numbers and what you learned from it. Anyways, enough of my blabbering. Let's read!

Scripture to Read

Numbers 33 - 34

Psalm 51

Audio Bible


Lord, on this election day we leave a simple prayer before - may your will be done and may peace win the day. Help us to not see enemies, but citizens. Help us not to see differences, but unity. Let your will be done and may peace win the day. Amen and amen.


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