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Reading the Bible: Day 4

Good morning! Today we begin the Abrahamic Covenant. This will take us all the way through the rest of Genesis. This will take us about a week and half to cover. Try not to be overwhelmed, instead think of how amazing it will be to read through the first book of the Bible in just over two weeks! You are making great progress. Keep it up.


Scripture to Read:

An audio version of the scriptures read by Pastor Nick is below


Video of Scripture


Questions to Consider:

  1. Abram is considered one of the great fathers of the faith but he does some very questionable things with his wife and the Pharoah early on in our time with him. Without diminishing the abuse of Abram, this is a witness to how God can use anyone, you and me, to do great things. It's also a witness to the power of forgiveness and mercy. Mediate on how forgiveness is important in your own life. Who might God be challenging you to forgive?

  2. When God promises Abram a great fortune and descendants he immediately makes an altar to God and worships. He doesn't wait for the yield, he praises in the anticipation. What is going on in your life right now where you can pivot how you think about a certain situation and you can praise in anticipation?

  3. Psalm 4 begins with some of the most well known and loved words of the Bible, turned into a hymn for the Taize community called "O Lord hear my prayer." In it, David, says that when he calls out to God, God listens. How do you feel about "declaring your prayers to God" vs "offering your prayers to God"? Which do you believe has more "faith" behind it? Why do you feel this way?

Want to discuss these questions and pose your own from what stuck out at the text? Follow this link to join the Journey's class and share your thoughts in the discussion.



God, the forgiver of all sins, purge my hearts of all those things that separate me from you today. Take away my animosity and supply me with peace of mind. As I carry on today, may I be an instrument of your peace. In your great glory, I pray these things, Amen.


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