Reading the Bible: Day 3

Good morning,

Today we finish the first major theme of the Bible, "Creation and the Fall", and end up setting up the first major covenant God makes with God's people through Abraham. This covenant is the first step in a long journey of God bringing God's people back into God's love and kingdom. It's a covenant we still embody to this day. As you read the familiar words of the fall, may you do so knowing that God's grace and mercy is extended to you.

Scripture to Read: (An audio version of read by Pastor Nick is linked in the Video category

- Genesis 8 - 11

- Psalm 3

Video (Audio of Scripture)

Questions to Consider:

  1. What sticks out to you? Why do you think that is? Meditate on that and pray for God's wisdom

  2. How do you process that God intentionally divides people who were unified and accomplishing great things? In our current COVID-19 reality where we are "all in this together" how does the story of Babel speak to us?

  3. The long genealogy is done to legitimize Abram's family line when setting up the covenant. By doing so it doesn't elevate Abram as greater but rather elevates the family as faithful. Think about the genealogy of our church so to speak - what about this church are you most proud of? What great things do you believe it can still do in future generations? Consider your own role in this current covenant with God.

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God thank you for my family, for the ways they have shaped me and loved me. Thank you for my church family and all the others that support me and guide me in trials and triumphs. Lead my heart to your heart, O God, like Abram all those years before. Make me a conduit of your peace for all around me. This is I pray to you now and always, our King of Peace, Amen.

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Devotional prepared by Pastor Nicholas W. Gliha, associate pastor of Chagrin Falls UMC.

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