Reading the Bible: Day 2

Good morning,

Welcome back to another day of reading the Bible together. If you missed our first day, no worries, simply press "back" to view our other posts and view the post for day 1. Today we continue reading God's word in the opening theme of creation and the fall. Why start on a dismal subject? We'll explore the genius of that soon.

Scripture to read: (Pastor Nick reads the following in the video in the next section)

Genesis 4-7

Psalm 2


Questions to Consider

  1. God's punishment to Cain wasn't to kill him, but rather he offered him protection from being killed in hopes to stop the cycle of violence. What does this say about our justice system and those that advocate for the death penalty when even God would not result to that?

  2. Chapter 5 is the first of many long genealogy lists in the Bible. It's tempting to skip past them but there are trickles of humanity in there. Such as lines that say "this the first generation to learn to use tools" or "this is the first time people started to refer to God by name." It's important to share stories about your own ancestors and to pass that down to your kids. What is a favorite story of your own parents or grandparents or what is something special they did? Meditate on that and be thankful.

  3. Notice in Chapter 6 God's change of attitude from even just yesterday. God gets angry at humans messing up and promises to destroy them and everything entirely but then changes His mind and preserves life if even only 2 of each. God conquered God's own anger and instead vowed to believe in the universal good. How can you emulate that to someone in your life whom you might disagree with today?

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Closing Prayer

Dear God, thank you for another day of studying your word. Continue to breathe your spirit into me - your spirit of belief in the universal good and a spirit of peace overcoming anger. I need that today, God. Hear the silent prayers of my heart and provide me the strength I need. In these things, I pray in your most holy name. Amen.

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