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Praying with Missionaries Week 3

Hi there friends! It's Wednesday and Wednesday means praying with our missionary friends! <3 yay! I really enjoy this weekly chance to learn about unique ways that the Methodist Church is serving in the world and to hear new and unique takes on scripture and why its meaningful to peoples lives. When we're faced with so much....bad (?) between the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Browns making questionable decisions with their QBs, and more I find it really refreshing to hear uplifting conversations from pastors around the world. It gives me pride in the Methodist church and gets my own creative juices flowing as I try to imagine how to create programs that are aimed at and beneficial to our wider Chagrin community. I hope you feel the same :)


Scripture to Read


Video to Watch

Rev. Julie Wilson is a Church and Community missionary which are specialized appointments that serve within the US. She is appointed to the Open Arms Community of the United Methodist Church in North Carolina serving hispanic families.

"The primary mission of Open Arms has been to share the love, hope, and joy of Christ by offering programs on-site to mitigate poverty, low educational achievement, substance abuse, and societal prejudice against marginalized people and groups. Thousands of meals have been served to program participants during Scouts, Bible Singing, Tutoring, Reading Group, Bible Study in Spanish, AA in Spanish, and special events. Close connections and trust with neighborhood families has allowed representatives of Open Arms to stand alongside hurting people in countless times of extreme grief and trauma."

Learn more about Rev. Julie and support her work by visiting her community page


Questions to Consider

What is something from today’s scripture reading that resonates with you or catches your attention?

What is something about Julie’s journey and story as a missionary that intrigues you and/or surprises you?

What is something from today’s readings, interview, or discussion that you can connect to your everyday life?

Julie reminds us that everyone – not only commissioned missionaries – can participate in mission work by joining God’s mission already happening around us. Where do you see God’s work happening around you? How can you join that work?

How would you want to support Julie as a missionary and/or in her work at the Community Center?

Also, can you become a Pen-Pal to help with the tutoring program?


Miles with Missionaries

Join Rev. Courtney Randall in this beneficial prayer walk excercise she's put together called Miles for Missionaries. Share in the comments how far you've gone so far or how far you intend to go this week. The Randall family is following along on our Lenten blogs as well so I'm sure they will be very blessed to see how their work is benefiting the lives of others. :)

Committing Miles and Tracking Miles

How Do I participate in Miles for Missionaries?

1) Commit yourself to run, walk, bike, etc. a certain number of miles each day, week, or on a total amount for Lent

(Examples: 100 miles of running during the 40 Days OR 5 miles of biking every day of Lent for 200 total miles OR 20 miles a week OR you choose…)

2a) Accountability - email a friend and ask them to pray for you to achieve your commitment


2b) Accountability and Partnership - email a friend and ask them to join you in committing to the same number of miles

3) Get some sponsors - some people may choose to get sponsors to raise money for the work of one of the missionaries featured in this study (e.g., ask people to sponsor them $1 for each mile achieved)

Giving information for each missionary is listed on the Link to Missionaries Info page

4) Track your miles - several ways exist to track your miles, here are a few examples:

a) write them down on your own weekly / monthly calendar

b) use an App on your phone, watch, smart-device, etc.

c) download and print up this one-page PDF miles tracking form to record each day, week, or month

d) fill out the online weekly tracking forms below to have a copy emailed to you

(Whichever way you choose, please fill out the Total Miles online form at the end of Lent.)


Praying the Hymns

I absolutely adore this is so profoundly beautiful and the words cut deep. To honor the people that Rev. Julie serves I thought we could close out this time of prayer by singing "When the Poor Ones (Cuando El Poble)"

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Jackie Welch
Jackie Welch
Mar 23, 2022

I wonder if any of the youth would want to be pen pals with their youth group?

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