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Praying with Missionaries Week 4

Hi friends! Today we are back praying with our missionary friends! This week we get to meet Patrick Booth who is originally from Texas but is now serving in Cambodia. Patrick does very meaningful work of helping to reintegrate the lives of human trafficking victims. They discuss the struggles and the joys of this kind of work, commentate on the scripture for the week on how it relates to the work he does, and closes on a beautiful story on how compassion is more important than anything else. If you want to support the work of Patrick and hear more about the stories of liberation that he is a part of you can visit his missionary page here: Patrick Booth (Global Missionary) and you can subscribe to his newsletter at Booth Abroad.

Thank you to Rev. Dan Randall for putting together this conversation and blog!


Scripture to Read


Video Interview


Questions to Consider

What is something from today’s scripture reading that resonates with you or catches your attention?

What is something about Patrick’s journey and story as a missionary that intrigues you and/or surprises you?

What is something from today’s readings, interview, or discussion that you can connect to your everyday life?

Patrick reminds us that everyone has a story, and he says we can offer compassion by “looking deeper” to see people as God sees them and by making time to “hear someone’s story.” How can you ‘hear’ someone’s story this week? How can you be open to receive compassion someone is offering you?

How would you want to support Patrick as a missionary and/or in his work of bringing hope to survivors of trafficking?


Miles with Missionaries

How Do I participate in Miles for Missionaries?

1) Commit yourself to run, walk, bike, etc. a certain number of miles each day, week, or on a total amount for Lent

(Examples: 100 miles of running during the 40 Days OR 5 miles of biking every day of Lent for 200 total miles OR 20 miles a week OR you choose…)

2a) Accountability - email a friend and ask them to pray for you to achieve your commitment


2b) Accountability and Partnership - email a friend and ask them to join you in committing to the same number of miles

3) Get some sponsors - some people may choose to get sponsors to raise money for the work of one of the missionaries featured in this study (e.g., ask people to sponsor them $1 for each mile achieved)

Giving information for each missionary is listed on the Link to Missionaries Info page

4) Track your miles - several ways exist to track your miles, here are a few examples:

a) write them down on your own weekly / monthly calendar

b) use an App on your phone, watch, smart-device, etc.

c) download and print up this one-page PDF miles tracking form to record each day, week, or month

d) fill out the online weekly tracking forms below to have a copy emailed to you

(Whichever way you choose, please fill out the Total Miles online form at the end of Lent.)


Praying the Hymns

There are a number of hymns that I think would be more applicable for the story of the prodigal son such as "Amazing Grace" or "Just as I Am, Without One Plea" but we've used both of those in these blogs or in worship fairly recently. Therefore, I'm sharing the classic "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling." Patrick shares that victims of sexual trafficking appreciate compassion more than anything else. This song captures the feelings of compassion for me.

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