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Through Luke's stories we find Jesus's care and compassion for all as he welcomes sinners and outcasts. As we study Luke and see Jesus's concern for those who were considered unimportant, we hear a hopeful and inspiring word for our lives today.

Ash Wednesday

February 22
7:30 PM

Ash Wednesday is a moment to reflect on God's Love


Worship led by Pastor Alex

Simon, Do You see the Woman?

March 5th
10:00 AM

Let’s see everyone, including women, the way Jesus sees them. Let’s extend grace, mercy, kindness, respect to the lowly of our society today, and let us do whatever we can to life up those who are being harmed.”

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

Jesus' Parables from the Underside

March 12th
10:00 AM

Luke 15: 1-3, 11b-24

Luke 15: 25-32

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

Music by SOS

Samaritan Lepers: Ultimate Outsiders and Outcasts

March 19th
10:00 AM

Luke 17:11-17

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

Music by the Chancel Choir

Jericho's Outsiders and Outcasts

March 26th
10:00 AM

Luke 18:31-42

Luke 19:1-10

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

Music by SOS

Palm Sunday

A Lowly King Enters Jerusalem

April 2nd
10:00 AM

Zechariah 9:9-13

Luke 19:28-40


Worship led by Pastor Alex


Music by SOS

Maundy Thursday

Tenebrae Service

April 6th
7:30 pM

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

Music by the Chancel Choir and SOS

Good Friday

Stations of the Cross

April 7th
12:00 PM 
Gazebo @ Triangle PArk


We will join members of the Chagrin Falls community in walking the stations of the cross

Sponsored by CVCC

Easter Sunday

The Crucified and Resurrected Life

April 9th
6:30 A

Jesus is alive! 

6:30AM Sunrise Service led by Pastor Alex and the Shepherds Of Sound


10:00 am

Join us for an inspiring day of worship led by Rev. Lawson and the chancel choir

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