God creates, knows, loves, and sees all of us in our full humanity. But as people, we can fall into the habit of assuming everyone is the same or everyone is like us. While we share a common humanity, these assumptions can be harmful and prevent us from truly seeing other people and listening to their perspectives. By looking at Biblical stories, this series will help us learn how to listen to, respect, affirm, and act for and with others. In doing so, we can also come to know God even more fully.

Hearing Other Voices

May 2nd

10:00 AM

We can be so busy on our mission, that we stop listening  to the voices on the side of the road.

WOrship led by Pastor Nick

Women stand up for change

May 9th

10:00 AM

it is not enough to just listen. We must also act.

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

R.e.s.p.e.c.t The 


May 15th

10:00 AM

our action must always be based on God’s view of strangers and how God calls us to love them.

WOrship led by Pastor Nick

Diverse people one vision

May 24th

10:00 AM

We cannot truly listen to, act or love all of God’s children if we do not also affirm how God sees all of us

Worship led by Rev. lawson