Throughout Scripture and today, God sustains God’s people in the most basic of human ways – physically, with food and drink, and spiritually – with food and drink for our souls. This Lent, as we remember what it means to be human, we find refreshment from God’s fountain of grace.

Ash Wednesday

March 2nd
7:30 PM

Ash Wednesday is a moment to reflect on Jesus' suffering


Worship led by Rev. Lawson

The Broken Cup

March 6th
10:00 AM

When things break, God can and will bring purpose and beauty out of the brokenness.

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

The cup of living Water

March 13th
10:00 AM

God affirms all we’ve been through and invites us into healthy relationship, wholeness, and sharing living water with others.

Worship led by Pastor Nick

The cup you choose

March 20th
10:00 AM

Every day we have the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus.

Worship led by Rev. Lawson

The cup of discipleship

March 27th
10:00 AM

Being followers of Jesus involves giving our whole selves to build a community of mutual blessing.

Worship led by pastor Nick

The cup of compassion

April 3rd
10:00 AM

For Jesus, compassion and justice are intertwined and inseparable.

Worship led by Rev. lawson

Palm Sunday

The overflowing cup

April 10th
10:00 AM

We cannot overflow with God’s grace if we are filled with ourselves.

Worship led by Pastor Nick

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae

The cup of the New Covenant

April 14th
7:30 pM

The cup of the new covenant transforms and gives life.

Worship led by Pastor nick

Easter Sunday

The cup that never runs dry

April 17th
6:30 AM 
9:00 am

Jesus is alive! 

6:30AM Sunrise Service


9:00am + 11:00am

Join us for an inspiring day of worship led by Rev. Lawson and the chancel choir