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Reading the Bible Day 33

Hi! Thanks for joining me today in reading more scripture together. Today's scripture speaks a-lot about what is considered "clean" and "unclean" in Jewish purity culture. Many of these things still apply for devout Jews today. So, while it might seem unimportant, or even silly to you, is very valuable to someone who follows the jewish faith - try to keep that in mind as you work your way through it. :) Also, the final chapter for today's reading seems very...timely. But I'll let you figure out why. Come join me!


Scripture to Read

Leviticus 11 - 13

Psalm 33


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this scripture teach me about God?

  2. What does this scripture teach me about humanity?

  3. What about this scripture jumps out to me today? Why?

  4. Would Jesus say amen to this?

- My Thoughts -

So yeah, it felt a little weird to spend almost 15 minutes on chapter 13 as it talked about disease and what is clean and unclean in the middle of a global pandemic. I imagine that something awful must have broken about in the community or else Moses would have never had to ask God about it in the first place...I wonder what they were dealing with? I admit I did get a little bit of a laugh when they talked about in grown hairs on the face being a "serious skin disease" requiring quarantine. Poor teenagers back then probably didn't see the light of day for 4 years. Good ole high school acne how I don't miss you.

Anyways, there is a lot I could process about this section but I kinda want to leave it at this: Have you (I)(we) gone to God to ask about our pandemic situation and what we should do? I know I really havne't spend much time in prayer over the pandemic and have tuned into the news or science podcasts about it more than I have turned to God. Yet, on Sunday morning I lift up all your joys and concerns with the absolute confidence that prayer can and will heal. Why don't I apply that to COVID-19 as well? Why do I seemingly doubt God's ability to intervene on our behalf for something that is widespread affecting our collective people and not just a single person?

Have you been praying to God to help us in this pandemic? Do you believe that God is speaking through someone like God did with Moses for us? Who would that be?



God, as we consider how you helped the people of old through their own encounter with disease, we come to you with open arms asking you to help us in our own pandemic. We trust in your ability to heal, we proclaim your ability to heal. So pour out your healing grace God on the world. Take away this pandemic so we can see our friends and family again without caution. We're lonely, God, and we long to be united again. Pour out your holy healing on our world. Amen.

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