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Reading the Bible Day 178

Hello friends! Today's reading of Jeremiah may be slightly confusing, but I think this is a flashback, rather than being told in chronological order. Today's reading is another account of Babylon coming in and taking the people into exile. This is a continuation of yesterday's reading when the King was burning the letter that Jeremiah wrote. Today, the exile happens again. This doesn't seem entirely in order considering in Jeremiah 30 God tells the people to settle in. I have to do some more researching to clarify that what I'm saying is correct here but if you seem confused, you're not alone!


Scripture to Read

Jeremiah 37 - 39

Psalm 23


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What does this teach me about the relationship between the two?

- My Thoughts -

This is part two of "Nick talks crap on a biblical character" so welcome back. King Jehokim is the worst example of leadership that I have found in all our readings. (Maybe a little dramatic, but I like drama) Yesterday he proved his insecurities with advisement and now today he shows his failure to be assertive, or worse case, is your standard politian and is super wishy washy depending on who he is talking to. Consider just a few of these examples - Jeremiah begs the king to be jailed in the palace so he doesn't die and the king agrees. Good on him! But then in the next paragraph the people come to the king and say Jeremiah should die and without any arguement the king says "ok, I can't stop you." But, then someone else pleads for Jeremiah's safety and return to the palace and the king again replies "ok, that sounds good." LIKE WHAT!? He toys with someones life with the emotional rapport of a teenager.

Yesterday I argued that a good leader takes the advisement of those around her or him, today I argue that advisement must remain that, advice. A good leader still makes the final call and is not bossed or manipulated by those around him or her. Perhaps you've worked with someone like this before who was scared of the burden of responsibility. It's a frustrating place to be. Hopefully the decisions you have to advise or make don't involve someone's literal life or death, but they certainly impact other peoples lives. Do so with the confidence that the Lord God of Heaven's Armies stands with you.



Our prayer today is inspired by hymn 178 in our United Methodist Hymnal. You know the drill by now :)

1 Hope of the world, thou Christ of great compassion, speak to our fearful hearts by conflict rent. Save us, thy people, from consuming passion, who by our own false hopes and aims are spent.

2 Hope of the world, God's gift from highest heaven, bringing to hungry souls the bread of life, still let thy spirit unto us be given, to heal earth's wounds and end all bitter strife.

3 Hope of the world, afoot on dusty highways, showing to wandering souls the path of light, walk thou beside us lest the tempting byways lure us away from thee to endless night.

4 Hope of the world, who by thy cross didst save us from death and dark despair, from sin and guilt, we render back the love thy mercy gave us; take thou our lives, and use them as thou wilt.

5 Hope of the world, O Christ o'er death victorious, who by this sign didst conquer grief and pain, we would be faithful to thy gospel glorious; thou art our Lord! Thou dost forever reign.

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