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Reading the Bible Day 122

Hello friends! Today is a special day in the life of scripture as it shares the beautiful words of the suffering servant. Christians read this section and see a clear connection to Jesus. But today's scripture is not just special because of the redemption from the servant, but it features a number of wonderful poems where God laments casting the people aside and promises compassion and redemption. A number of you have mentioned how brutal 2 Kings was and how tough Isaiah began. To see God's heart be rended for proclaimed forgiveness after all we have done to not deserve it is a pretty special thing to read. There's certainly a gospel message for us today in that. Let's dive in and see what sticks out to you!


Scripture to Read

Isaiah 52 - 54

Psalm 119 v. 97 - 128


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What does this teach me about forgiveness?

  4. How do the psalm and main reading seem connected (if at all)?

- My Thoughts -

Any parent with or who has raised teenagers has certainly heard them say at some point "you just don't understand!" after some meltdown or phase. While yes, parents do understand what it's like, they don't FULLY understand the situation. Parent's aren't living the minds of the child and witnessing the interactions. I think this is similiar to how God was feeling about Israel at the time. God is trying God's best to lead these angsty teens to the promised land, they keep messing up, they shout to God "you don't understand what it's like" and God shouts back "then help me understand!" You've been there, you get it. I might be reading into the text a little bit with the emotion, but I almost feel the strain of God's voice, the quiet compassion of a parent talking with a hurting child about how they promise not to get mad, that they just want the best for them. Then you combine that with the suffering servant and understand that God literally came back to live among us, suffer for us, solely so that He could understand us completely is a powerful sentiment of love. Sacrificial, selfless, altruistic love is the purest form of expression. This section of Isaiah shows us just how much of that God is made of.



1. God of the sparrow

God of the whale

God of the swirling stars

How does the creature say Awe

How does the creature say Praise

2. God of the earthquake

God of the storm

God of the trumpet blast

How does the creature cry Woe

How does the creature cry Save

3. God of the rainbow

God of the cross

God of the empty grave

How does the creature say Grace

How does the creature say Thanks

4. God of the hungry

God of the sick

God of the prodigal

How does the creature say Care

How does the creature say Life

5. God of the neighbour

God of the foe

God of the pruning hook

How does the creature say Love

How does the creature say Peace

6. God of the ages

God near at hand

God of the loving heart

How do your children say Joy

How do your children say Home

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