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Reading the Bible Day 107

Hi all! Tomorrow we finish the book of 2 Kings and begin the long journey through the prophet Isaiah. It's a neat way how the Bible is structured where we are first introduced to the king's side of the story and then we are told the same story from the view of the prophet. The prophet's serve a vital role in the Babylonian exile which is first teased in today's reading. This is a bit of a sorrowful day, and yet, a very important step in the set up for Jesus.


Scripture to Read

2 Kings 20 - 22

Psalm 107


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this reveal to me about God?

  2. What does this reveal to me about humanity?

  3. Would your faith be easier or too restricted if you discovered a scroll from God knowing exactly what to do?

- My Thoughts -

I know it's not particularly wise to read too much into the age of people into the Bible but I find myself troubled and meditating on God's wrath as a result of Manasseh . Manasseh was reportedly 12 years old when he became king of Israel, and his father did not particularly do what was pleasing in God's eyes either. I find this to be rather cruel on God's part to be so condemning to a child who is likely grieving his father and is put in charge of a kingdom at war. I mean, anyone familiar with Game of Thrones remembers when happens when Jauffrey becomes King....this ain't much different. My previous blog talked about opportunities we give children and how they are so important for setting them up for success, but I think today's reading is a cautionary tale on what happens when we give children TOO much opportunity/responsibility. I'm blessed to work with the youth group at the church which means the youth confide in Jackie and myself about how they are doing. Many, if not all, speak about the stress caused by school work and the many activities they are engaged in. They admit that they live in a sort of limbo where they are defined and find purpose it the activities they participate in, and yet feel chained down and worn out by the activities as well.

I don't disagree that Manasseh was a horrible king, he likely was, but he was also likely a very stressed out and scared teenager too. Today might be a good day to get a little soul update from your kids and see how they are doing with all the madness of the world and the holidays. <3



Lord, as I view the listing of good kings and bad kings I ponder what type of writing will be said about me after I am gone. Was I a good servant to you? Was I a righteous person? Did I speak for others? Did I seek justice, walk humbly, and love mercifully? While I yet live Lord give my soul the direction it needs to be one of the good ones when it's all said and done. In these things I pray to you. Amen.

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