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Reading the Bible Day 23

Hello! Today features 2 well-known scripture stories, the ten commandments and Psalm 23. After reading/hearing them with the knowledge of the context around them how do you read/hear it differently this time?


Scriptures To Read

Exodus 19 - 21 (click to read)

Psalm 23 (click to read)


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this scripture reveal to me about God?

  2. What does this scripture reveal to me about humanity?

  3. What does this scripture reveal to me about myself?

- My Thoughts -

I struggle with this one and at the same time, I appreciate this section. I struggle with how freely God is willing to kill someone in a horrific way (stoning or arrows) because they (literally) crossed a line. I appreciate the ten commandments when they say "for I am a jealous God." I appreciate this line because it shows an emotion of God in relation to human beings. The gods of Egypt where the people had come from didn't care about humans. They toyed with humans and the people lived in fear of their wrath constantly. This is the kind of mindset most of the Israelites would have had growing up in Egypt and never knowing anything different. So for God to look at someone like this and say "I care about you, in fact I care so much about you that when you wander from me, I am not wrathful, but jealous" must have been so liberating to hear. It also reminds me of any other covenant that we have, covenants to our friends, or even to our spouses. I know for one, McKinsie would be really upset with me I was giving something else (or God forbid someone else) more attention than her. Verses like this help me humanize God and understand God's love for me on a human level and it also helps keep me accountable to my prayer life and study life.



God, I confess that I have broken your commandments from time to time. I have created idols with money, work, and ritual. I have used your name in vain and I have wronged my neighbor. Yet, instead of punishment, you offer me forgiveness and mercy as David proclaims in the Psalm. Help me to become the person that you see me as I seek to do good in your world. Amen.


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