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Reading the Bible Day 29

Hi friends, sorry for the delay in publication. I'll be real honest with you - the end of Exodus has been so dense and so full of uninteresting stuff that I just did not want to read. But, the best part about church is accountability. Many of you messaged me asking where the lesson was for the day and my heart was warmed once more that many of you are feeling God's presence in your lives through these daily lessons. So, you'll see both Sunday's and today's, well, today! Tomorrow is back to your normally scheduled 6 posts.


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What does this teach me about the relationship between the 2?

  4. Inspired by most recent message I'll be adding this new question each time: Would Jesus say amen to this? Why or why not?

- My Thoughts -

This section is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. It started off giving me a bit of a laugh how the people got bored of waiting for Moses and moved on to something else. It kinda reminds me of how our country is not handling COVID-19. We took it really seriously at first, we did all the things right, and then we all just sort of got bored of doing the right thing and went back to normal in the name of "American freedom". God, frustrated by the people for going to other gods vows to destroy them. Now, I don't think that's necessarily related to our current situation (least I hope not) but I do think it's similar in how we often walk away from the things that provide us life or nurture our life to go to things that are more tempting or enjoyable in the moment. I know for myself I've definitely skipped going running more times than I should have because food sounded better or sitting on my lazy butt and playing video games sounded like a better way to detox after work. But I know better, and I trust in your own life you know the things that are better for you as well. Just as you've held me accountable to publish these documents, I hold you accountable to get back to whatever it is that provides and sustains you with life.

Second, this scripture is kinda screwed up. God says he won't kill the people but then gives Moses the green light to have families slaughter families over a mistake that one of their leaders got wrong (Aaron). Jesus would definitely not say amen to this situation. And why is Aaron allowed to be high priest still? Ugh. So many questions.



Blessed God, help me get back on the path towards the things that bring me life and sustain my life. Whether that's more time of study with you, a better diet, or my fitness. Help me to go easy on myself when I mess up or fall off track, because you know the human condition Lord, we are susceptible to mistakes. But you are merciful everlasting and I'm are so thankful for your grace. In your sons name I pray, amen.

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