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Reading the Bible Day 27

Hello friends! Today is a shout out to you chemist out there as Moses talks about the significance of proper mixing of ingredients to make a pleasing incense and anointing oil. We also get another reminder of the Sabbath, which while we are thinking of it - when is the last time you gave yourself a Sabbath? If it's been a while, make a point to schedule one soon. You deserve it and it's an honor to God. Let's dive on it and see what scripture has to say today.


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this scripture teach me about God?

  2. What does it teach me about humanity?

  3. What does it teach me about myself?

  4. What section, verse, or word of the psalm for today stuck out to me? Why?

- My Thoughts -

I'm stuck on the part about the Sabbath. I am startled how God would kill someone for working on the sabbath, but perhaps that's a translation error. When I read it the first time through I didn't catch the line "shall be put to death" but rather I read it is "they will surely die." Read from this perspective I actually agree with the idea that if we don't give our bodies time to rest and our minds a day to recharge than we will work ourselves to death. Our passions will die off as our creativity is starved. The obsession in our culture to equate business (read busy-ness) with productivity is damning. But I also admit that I am guilty of it all the same. I wake up and am eager to get to work. I don't like to leave the office for the day. I eat lunch at my desk so I can still be reading stuff for work. But is that an honor to God? I'm afraid not.

When McKinsie used to work here I admired how she would always step out of the office for lunch and go eat by the falls or even just sit in the courtyard. She would always come back with more energy. Sure she might have taken a full hour for lunch which by today's standards is enough for capital punishment, but she also came back at 100% whereas I might be at 50% by the same hour.

That's my challenge for you and me today dear reader. Take time today to be with yourself. To be with those you love. To journal. To recharge the battery on your passions.

Take Sabbath and Keep it Holy



Blessed God, I admit my own failures to take even a moment for sabbath. To slow down and be thankful for all that is around me. So I take a moment now to be silent with you and to be mindful of all the ways you are present to me. (take this time for silence to be with God for as long as you need to be silent.) Amen.


Blog prepared by Nicholas W. Gliha, associate pastor of Discipleship on October 8th 2020

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