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Reading the Bible Day 229

Hi friends! Today we conclude Jeroboam's story and review Abijah and his son Asa's rule as king. For reference this is that section of 2 King's where we run through the list of kings who were either "good" or "bad" based on how faithful they were to God. So the take away here isn't the conflicts they engage with but rather tryin to distill what makes us "good" according to the OT and whether or not that remains true today.


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this suggest is "good" and what does this suggest is "bad"?

  3. What, if anything, feels applicable to today? What does it challenge me to do in response?

- My Thoughts -

There's a pretty strong message in there with King Asa being attacked from both sides and his only reaction (and likely option) was to pray to God for help. I have been fortunate enough to feel as if I've never been so defeated, betrayed, and broken by the weight and stress of the world that I've needed to call on God that way, and I'm truly thankful for that but I do know of people that have felt this way before. Consumed by the pain of problem after problem and the light at the end of the tunnel dimming too much they called on God to help and somehow it all worked out. I've seen it happen for people with cancer when all looks helpless and through the power of prayer they somehow survive and thrive. Has there been a situation in your life where it feels like enemies surround you from all sides and you ask God for relief? If not, is something now that you could ask God for?


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is the hymn Infant Holy, Infant Lowly. Don't worry, Jene, we still have plenty of Christmas hymns left as I know you are loving them! :)

yoooo this version is really pretty. I hope you enjoy! Lyrics below if you wanna sing along!

1 Infant holy, infant lowly, for his bed a cattle stall; oxen lowing, little knowing Christ the babe is Lord of all. Swiftly winging angels singing, bells are ringing, tidings bringing: Christ the babe is Lord of all!

2 Flocks were sleeping; shepherds keeping vigil till the morning new saw the glory, heard the story, tidings of a gospel true. Thus rejoicing, free from sorrow, praises voicing, greet the morrow: Christ the babe was born for you!

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