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Reading the Bible Day 235

Ahh friends this is it! Our final day in the OT. Oh my gosh, our final day! You guys have done amazing and I'm super super proud of you. I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts on this and recap the OT if you are willing to go through the sign up process for the comments down below. Otherwise shoot me an email or otherwise. It's fun to know who is engaged and I always learn something new from your thoughts too! Anyways, let's jump on in and finish this out!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. Chronicles is a review of the OT starting with the royal lines and their ultimate downfall at the exile. How does the consideration of the importance of the royal line better help you understand Jesus as Lord or King?

  2. What is the "good news" (gospel) of the Old Testament?

  3. What story will stay with you from the OT? What did you struggle with the most?

- My Thoughts -

Gosh this is exciting. I love how the OT ends with the declaration that God is with us and goes with us forever. I think it's also a PERFECT transition piece for Jesus entry into the picture so I hope you see why the reading plan had us finish on Chronicles now. It ends with that lingering promise of a messiah who will come and restore Judah to the way it was before everything got messed up. Speaking of messiah, before we read about Jesus as messiah we should probably get a better idea of just what that title means for Jews and Christians alike. I invite you to watch the Bible Project's video on the messiah :)


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is a really cute sounding hymn by the name "Rock-a-Bye, My Dear Little Boy" so I invite you to praise this hymn through humming, singing, reciting or simply meditating as we put the OT to sleep ;) haha.

Rock-a-bye, my dear little boy, dear little boy, wonder of wonders, my blessing and joy; slumber as I gently hold you, let my tender love enfold you; gift of God to me and the world,

here in my arms lies so peacefully curled.

Little Jesus, Infant Divine, Infant Divine, one with the Father, yet born to be mine; as I rock you calmly sleeping, angel guards their watch are keeping; precious child, one day we shall see,

what love has destined for you and for me.

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