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Reading the Bible Day 223

Hi friends! Today features a mix of old and new in regards to David's military exploits. While some of them are fun and heroic super heroes stories I would hardly consider these factual. Remember that Chronicles is about making David and the Temple look at their absolute best and super important to the story of God's covenant. For these reasons everything has been turned up to 11....mostly. I'm pleasantly surprised to see they still kept David's census mishap in, but, you'll notice as you read that someone very devious (hint) is responsible for David's error this time around not David himself. (OBVIOUSLY DAVID IS JUST SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD. *puke*) I hope you enjoy as you read and recall some of the stuff read before!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this reveal about David?

  2. How much of this is familiar upon a second reading? What seemed new?

  3. Why is this important?

- My Thoughts -

As noted above David's sin this time around is a result of Satan coming and whispering bad things to David. The punishment still happens to Jerusalem and David still takes the fall for it later on....but the author wants to make a very important distinction here...this is not David's fault. David took the fall for us because he is so perfect, and cute, and wonderful, and selfish and bllaahhhhhhhhh. But the REAL bad guy here is Satan. That is not accurate the original text and I find that frustrating. I hate when leaders don't own up to their mistakes and use their power and influence to blame literally anything else for the reason something didn't happen. You see it in congress all the time. If it weren't for those awful dimwitted god forsaken degenerated piles of llama crap (insert democrat/republican here) we wouldn't be in this mess!!

Just stop. The bill didn't pass because you failed to work across party differences and find common ground and give ground for respectable compromise.

When you screw up, own up to it, and take the fall for it. There is so much more respect given to people who grow from their faults than those who point fingers. There is so much more respect given to those that find respect in their enemies. Jesus did not blame the people when he was being crucified ("father they know not what they do") - why do we?


Praying the Hymns

Our hymn today is inspired by hymn 223 in our hymnal - Break Forth, O beauteous Heavenly Light

I couldn't find a version of this that matched the lyrics perfectly to our hymnal. So I opted instead to just pick one that did the first verse. The song is really pretty and the music is written by Bach which is pretty cool. Hope you enjoy!

1 Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light,

and usher in the morning;

O shepherds, shrink not with affright,

but hear the angel's warning.

This child, now weak in infancy,

our confidence and joy shall be,

the power of Satan breaking,

our peace eternal making.

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1 Comment

May 23, 2021

Why do you take it upon yourself to decide what is accurate and what is not? This is sacred text, and you seem to have little respect towards the book that has personally saved my life. Shame on you for your flippant tone. you seem to think you are more wise than God’s word.

“bllaahhhhhhhhh“ -why do you write like a middle schooler? Why do you downplay the importance and accuracy of biblical stories? It is impossible to take you seriously sir, and your lack of church membership reflects this

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