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Reading the Bible Intermission

Hi everyone, we're going to take a break on our daily readings. I am going on vacation tomorrow (at the time of this writing) and will not be recording or writing these blogs while I am gone. I was hoping to get far enough ahead to not have to stop us but that did not happen, unfortunately. However, if you would like continue to read so you don't fall out of your routine you can see the scripture to read sections below. Full blogs with audio bibles, questions, commentary, and prayers will come one a day after I get back. You can expect the first one July 27th at 6:00am.

Just because this is a break doesn't mean we can't still be growing with God. Take some time to journal about your journey so far. What have you learned? What have you struggled with? What do you still hope to learn? How has this journey changed you? Who is God to you? What book or character has been most meaningful or relatable? Journaling is such a powerful experience that can reveal so much more than we might even anticipate.

Whatever you decide to do - be blessed in it. I'm going to rest my tired little brain now and I'll talk with you all again very soon. Thank you for your anticipated patience and understanding.


Scripture to Read

Day 304:

Day 305:

Day 306:

Day 307

Day 308

Day 309

Day 310

Day 311

Day 312

Day 313


Regular blogs resume July 27th at 6:00. Review previous entries at

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