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Reading the Bible Day 87

Welcome welcome welcome to another book of the Bible! Ya'll are doing amazing work! 2 Samuel picks right up where 1 Samuel ends so I'm assuming that the document was originally one long scroll that was later divided up into 2 sections to easily seperate between Saul as King and David as king. Today David learns about Saul's death, let's see how he handles it. (It ain't great)


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What about this section moves me?

  4. What about this section troubles me?

- My Thoughts -

I find it interesting about the two differing reports on Saul's death being back to back. The first report says that Saul died by falling on his own sword after a soldier of his fails to kill him as requested. This soldier reports that he kills Saul after being asked. Is this the same solider? I doubt he would have survived if he were that close to Saul and they were being closed in on? Did David kill him for killing Saul or did David kill him because he knew (or suspected) the story was false? I also found David's funeral poem moving and it really brought some closure to he and Jonathon's friendship.

The part with Asahel (notice I said his name different pretty much every time, hahaha) was something I can easily relate to. Obsessing over something I really should drop. Asahel was warned multiple times to let it go, to stop chasing, to stop trying to win the battle. He didn't listen and it got him killed. There have been a handful or projects in my life that I would throw money at, or time at, or energy at and everyone around me would tell me it was a waste, that it was bad for me, etc. They were right and I just kept going. If yesterday's post was about accountability when you need to tell someone you aren't ok...than today's post is about accountability to listen to people when they have your best interest. Can you relate to that?

Also can we just talk about how relatable that bible feels right now. You've got David elected as king by Israel and Ishbosheth elected as king of Judah and both parties are saying the other is fake news and that the king isn't actually the king elect. So good news - people have always been absolutely crazy. AHahaha.



Lord God, bless me with your presence today. Perhaps your presence will provide me with confidence when I felt low, or comfort when I felt in pain, or community when I felt lonely. God I open my heart, my soul, and my mind to your presence today and I look forward to our time together. Amen.

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