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Reading the Bible Day 92

Ooops! Sorry everyone. I had this done and uploaded on YouTube but I guess I forgot to ever follow through with writing up a blog post for it. Today's story is a serious crime drama like the ones you would find on tv. It makes for an engaging read!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God? Think of this one in particular about God's silence during our drama

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What is really the conflict over in this story? Power? Loyalty/Honor? Faithfulness?

- My Thoughts -

Most of my thoughts will be focused on 2 Samuel 21 although I found the above chapters really interesting! So, this conflict with the Gibeonites seems like a somewhat random story to bring up admist all the cloak and dagger fighting of the families, but it's less random than it might appear. What was Joab hunting Sheba for? Loyalty...for breaking a covenant to David and trying to stir up trouble.The Gibeonites are a similiar cause. At some point in Saul's reign he must have killed a group of them, it's not recorded in the Bible before this but is mentioned here after the fact. When David hears it's the Gibeonites a chill must have ran up his spine. You might not recall, but in Joshua 9, the Israel makes a vow to never harm the people of Gibeon again. When we are dishonorable and unloyal God is upset. I think we can learn a few things from this story for our own lives.

  1. God expects US to keep our promises

  2. God expects OTHERS to keep their promises

  3. Time does not diminish our obligation to promises

  4. God's correction might come long after the infraction occurs. But justice always comes.

This story is a reminder of how serious God views covenants and it's another case of assurance that God will keep God's own promise of delivering us from the sin of the world. This Christmas season is just another example of that being true. If you want to make this Christmas season be really about Christ, than take a moment each day to renew your baptismal vow to be a part of God's Kingdom work. If you're married and you took vows at your ceremony, it might be a good practice to remember those vows and appreciate your spouse a little extra as well. Vows are important. This story reminds us of that significance.



Blessed God, I remember your covenant with me, a sinner, yet loved unmeasurably by you. I commit my heart, my soul, my work, and my witness to living up to the grace that you offer me daily. Amen.

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