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Reading the Bible Day 243

Hello friends! Today's reading features more squabbling between Jesus and the Pharisees/Sadducees, more confused disciples, and another well known occasion of Jesus being changed by an interaction with a person. I really love the stories where our experiences and insight can even move God, and I love that God loves us enough to listen to us with an open mind. Let's jump in and see what sticks out to you.


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. Do you think Jesus changed his mind about gentiles and if they belong after his encounter with the women or did he just heal her daughter for besting him in a debate? In other words, did Jesus only come for the faithful or no?

  2. Why do you think Matthew repeated two stories in a row? (feeding a bunch of people and the demand for a sign)

  3. Do you think Peter is a good candidate for the role of "rock that the church is built on"? Why or why not?


Praying the Hymns

Our hymn for today is 243 in our hymnal - De Tierra Lejana Venimos (From a Distant Home) While you may not understand the words of this hymn I think the magic of it can be still be felt. I invite you to listen to it and meditate on it's translated words beneath the video.

De tierra lejana venimos a verte, // (From a distant home the Savior we come seeking)

Nos sirve de guía la estrella de Oriente. (using as our guide the star so brightly beaming)

Estribillo (Refrain)

Oh brillante estrella que anuncias la aurora // (Lovely eastern star that tells us of God's morning) No nos falte nunca tu luz bienhechora. // (heaven's wondrous light O never cease they shining) Gloria en las alturas al Hijo de Dios, // (peace and love to all) Gloria en las alturas y en la tierra amor.

Al recién nacido que es Rey de los reyes, // (Glowing gold I bring the newborn babe so holy)

Oro le regalo para ornar sus sienes. (Estribillo) (token of his power to reign above in glory)

Como es Dios el Niño le regalo incienso, // (Frankincense I bring the child of God's own choosing)

Perfume con alma que sube hasta el cielo. (token of our prayers to heaven ever rising)


Al Niño del cielo que bajó a la tierra, (Bitter myrrh have I to give the infant Jesus)

Le regalo mirra que inspira tristeza. (token of the pain that he will bear to save us)


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