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Reading the Bible Day 285

Hello! Today features some wild and scary adventures of Paul and Barnabas with more evidence of scriptural sermons. I really enjoy reading the scriptural sermons to see how the format of preaching has not really changed over the years. For example, you see how Paul uses two different psalms as his primary text and he commentates on them. It's also neat to see how the process of ordination has not changed much either for those called to preach with the believers laying hands on them before sending them on their way. There is something powerful in personal touch when it comes to prayer, at least for those that are comfortable with it. Anyways, let's dive in and see what it has to say!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about the early church?

  2. The experiences of Paul and Barnabas traveling and encountering cultures different from their own is not unlike a mission trip experience. Have you ever gone on a mission trip? How has that impacted your faith journey?

  3. What about this reading sticks out to you personally? Why?

- Commentary -

I don't have anything personally to share here but there is another overview video from the Bible Project. I invite you to listen :)


Praying the Hymns


1 To mock your reign, O dearest Lord, they made a crown of thorns; set you with taunts along that road from which no one returns. They could not know, as we do now, how glorious is that crown; that thorns would flower upon your brow, your sorrows heal our own.

2 In mock acclaim, O gracious Lord, they snatched a purple cloak; your passion turned, for all they cared, into a soldier's joke. They could not know, as we do now, that though we merit blame, you will your robe of mercy throw around our naked shame.

3 A sceptered reed, O patient Lord, they thrust into your hand, and acted out their grim charade to its appointed end. They could not know, as we do now, though empires rise and fall, your kingdom shall not cease to grow till love embraces all.

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