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Reading the Bible in a Year Discussion Group

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Hi Journeys! 

This is a test of what Sunday School would look like on our app. What I would like for you to do is to watch this short video giving an overview of the scripture that we are talking a bout today and then answer the prompts listed below. You may write them down below in the comments (if there are comments) or if you would like to further discuss the material with some other members of Journeys will be having a Zoom meeting Sunday at 11:30am. The zoom link can be found at the bottom. If you have any questions please contact me at


Questions to consider: 

  1. What about this video is applicable to my life right now?

  2. What does it teach me about God? 

  3. What might I need to sacrifice this week to make more room for God's spirit? 

Zoom Link: 

<<zoom linformation here>> 


Nick Gliha

Associate pastor at Chagrin Falls UMC


Welcome to the group! Follow along with us as we read the Bi...

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