Youth (Grades 6 to 12)

The United Methodist Church of Chagrin Falls provides an exciting and engaging program of ministry opportunities for young people of all ages. Under the leadership of Nicholas Gliha and many volunteers, teens can find opportunities to grow spiritually, develop deep friendships with others, serve the community and the world, and simply have a good time. Click here to read what’s happening with our youth the month of September here!


Sunday School (previously J.A.M Sessions)

Middle School: 10 A.M – Room 201

Middle School Sunday School recognizes that kids are going through the process of discovering who they are. This process brings about tension of desired autonomy, struggles with self-esteem and the search for those similar to them. Now more than possibly ever is it important for kids to have a morally grounded friend circle and to hear that whether they believe it or not, God thinks they are amazing the way they are. This class meets for one hour to watch videos, discuss scripture and share experiences from their lives as they search for God, themselves and their purposes.

High School 10 A.M – Youth Lounge in the Basement

High School uses a new and exciting curriculum called Switch: Don’t Be Different Alone. Switch groups watch videos, engage one another in discussions and make the Bible relevant in their daily living. Switch is led by Mr. Chris Bryant. We’ll save a seat on the couch just for you!

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For more information, check out our Youth Calendar of events or contact Nick Gliha at For a copy of the calender of events through December 2019 download one here!

In order for youth participate in our activities and events, a current medical form must be on file.  To get one click CFUMC medical form