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Reading the Bible Day 90

Ahhh look at you all go! 90 days. Our last ten days before you hit triple digits. Absolutely incredible. So proud of you all. I wish today's reading could be as exciting as your accomplishment but the truth is, it's a depressing reading today. It also comes with a trigger warning once again. Today's story is a detailed story of rape. If this is something that you need to skip over, do not feel ashamed, we will pick right back up where we were tomorrow. With that said, let's dive in and see what God has to say to us today.


Scripture to Read

2 Samuel 13 - 15

Psalm 90


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What does this teach me about justice?

  4. Would Jesus say amen to this?

- My Thoughts -

I admit today's reading is one of those that stokes my anger towards God. Readings like this reveal to me that God's justice is not supreme just, it's frankly, selfish justice. Consider the number of occasions this year alone in our readings where God has straight up murdered someone right where they stood because they worshipped him the wrong way. Use the wrong oil - dead. Use the wrong insence - dead. Held money back - dead. So, God has the power to strike people dead on the very spot they stand but holds back for Tamar when she cries out? What the hell, dude? (<--- Ordained people can't say this, but I'm not so boo hoo.)

While this gives me a jaded view to God and God's justice, I also recognize that readings like this are very valuable because they serve as a good reminder that God does not "cause" evil acts nor does God interceed with evil acts. Human's were given the hearts to do good but the freedom to choose not to, and in this case, we see evidence of the purest of human evil. Readings like this are challenging and I need more time to sit with this one to find the grace in it. For now, I rest with the assurance that Jesus would not say amen to this, and that gives me hope.


Prayer: (From

Lord, there is a time for mercy, and there is a time for justice!

Please rise up a tidal wave of truth and shine a light on all those, who have perpetuated any kind of sexual crime including verbal harassment, molestation, rape and sexual assault.

Bring perpetrators to the fullness of justice.

Hold them accountable legally and emotionally for the pain they’ve caused innocent people.

Take away their positions of power in the world and by any means, prevent them from ever committing another sexually violent act, verbally or physically.

Take the burden of shame, silence and secrecy off of the innocent victims and place it squarely onto the shoulders of the perpetrators, where it belongs.

Bring them to their knees in full realization of the horrific pain they’ve caused and the lives they have destroyed.

Give them the grace of true, lasting, deep and authentic repentance to be forever changed in heart, mind, attitude and habit. Surround them with the support they need to transform into the person You created them to be so they can begin to make amends for all the wrongs they have committed.

In Jesus name we pray,


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