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Reading the Bible Day 78

Welcome to the book of 1 Samuel! Woot woot! We are making GREAT progress. Super proud of you. We'll be in Samuel for a little while so buckle in. This story of the call of Samuel is really special and it is the origin of the idea a "calling" from God. I'd love to know your thoughts on "callings" and whether you believe in them or whether you have experienced them. Let's jump in and see what I'm talking about.


Scripture to Read

1 Samuel 1 - 3

Psalm 78


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What do I think of callings?

- My Thoughts -

I guess it's probably time I share my own calling. I doubt I'll carry in ministry my entire life, but I know for a part of my life it served an important part of me. Anyways, here's my calling.

When I was 16 I was at a retreat for high school, a sort of spiritual revival for each of the grades. Prior to going to the retreat my Dad was rediagnosed with colon cancer. I was in a really bad spot hearing this news and barely took in any of the retreat. At the end of the retreat it came time for mass and being a protestant I'm not able to receive the elements so I decided to stay down instead of going up for the blessing. But something kept itching me forward. After the priest was already done with the sacrament and sitting back down I ran up and explained that I'm not Catholic but would like a blessing. He then did the signs of the cross over me and said "father, son, and holy spirit - amen" at the moment of amen I could feel this force like a punch just hit me right in the chest. The whole world went really quiet, my body felt weightless and the next thing I remember I was on my knees just sobbing like an idiot. My friends helped me back to my seat and asked if everything was okay. I smiled to them and said "I'm going to be a pastor." Shocked (rightfully so) they asked how I came to that conclusion to which all I could say was "I can't explain it, but my heart is telling me right this moment."

From that day on I never looked back. I studied and studied and studied. I took part in church committees, I researched seminaries, I began preaching frequently at church. Ministry when it's normal is the greatest job in the world and I can't wait for things to get back to a little dose of normal again. I miss being an actual pastor and not just a camera / computer dude.



Following the beginning of a God-planted dream is exciting and promising, but in the valleys of hard work that always follow, sometimes we lose our strength. In those moments when we are tempted to doubt Your call on our lives, or our ability to carry out the plans You’ve laid before us, strengthen us by Your Spirit. Stir in us Your spark. Help us to overcome the doubts, pressures, and hardships that will plague us as we trudge behind Jesus. Straighten us up to see all that we are in Your eyes, not that of the world’s.

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