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Reading the Bible Day 70

Hi friends! Today we. begin the book of Judges! Congrats on completing another book! I'm personally finding it kind of fun to see how previous cities and little notes about characters or tribes continue to come back into play with the newer books. Moments like these are a blessed reminder to me that the Bible is one cohesive story rather than a collection of individual tales. It's pretty incredible to see how people tried to understand God and culture 2-3 thousand years before us...I wonder what they will say about us! I hope it's good. :) Let's dive in and see just what a judge's responsibility is.


Scripture to Read

Judges 1 - 3

Psalm 70


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about people?

  3. What chapter stuck out to me? Why?

  4. Would Jesus say amen to this? Why or why not?

- My Thoughts -

I sympathize with the people in this one...I feel like in some ways they were set up for failure. Joshua ends by declaring that the people should not integrate with caaninite culture or intermarry, but, in Judges 1 some of the tribes fail to conquer the lands completely and they are required to integrate with their foreign adversaries. Why did they fail? Did they not have enough faith? Not sure as the Bible isn't clear why they failed. Was it a test of their faith? Again, not sure. These questions, much like many situations we face in life cannot be answered, understood, or changed. But we can change or be firm in our attitudes, beliefs, and principles in changing environments.

For better or for worse the internet has made us a smaller and more connected world. No longer is there a foreigner because we know everything about everyone these days. As Christ followers, are resposibility in a world mixed with all different people, culture, traditions, and beliefs is to be rooted in our beliefs, yet loving to those different than us. We become too rooted and we become characterized by our peers as "judgemental christians", but we become too lose and our peers ask "what do those Christians even do?" It's a fine line to that our ancestors in Judges failed and whose lessons we can learn from today.



Lord, when I face overwhelming odds and fear surrounds me help me to learn from the Israelites that called out to you for rescue, and every time you came for relief. Help me when trouble comes, oh good and gracious God. Amen.

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