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Reading the Bible Day 61 - 63

Happy Sunday everyone. Here's our weekend catchup. Some of this a little odd, some a little unsettling, and some a little funny. I hope you can find some holy humor as you tread through the odd end of Deuteronomy. We're nearly at Judges where things REALLY pick up for the better. Stick with it - you're doing amazing.


Scripture to Read

Day 61

Day 62

Day 63


Audio Bible

Day 61

Day 62

Day 63 (Please note there is a weird audio buzzing effect happening on this video. I'm trying to figure out why the camera is doing this all of sudden. Sorry for the annoyance!)


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this reveal to me about what was going in culture at the time?

  3. What about this speaks to me? Troubles me?

  4. Would Jesus say amen to this?

If you have further questions or want some clarification on things or even my own thoughts I would be happy to privately share those with you or have that conversation down in the comments!



Oh Lord, hear my prayer. Oh Lord, hear my prayer. When I call, answer me. Oh Lord, hear my prayer. Oh Lord, hear my prayer. Come, and listen to me. Amen.

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