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Reading the Bible Day 60

We've made it 2 full months of this together! It has truly been wonderful to join this walk with you each day and to hear your thoughts. I'm curious, how has this journey blessed you? How has it helped your faith walk? Your daily living? Your mental health? Anything. I would love to know. For me, it has helped me start my day off in prayer. I've always wanted to be better with daily praying, especially at first day break and I always convinced myself I was too busy. This has really helped me carve out time and be with God, and I've noticed myself being more at peace throughout the day, or at least, wrestling with God and thinking about God on sections that stick with me. How about you?


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible

Note that this isn't the full reading. Something happened and it cut out the final part of chapter 23 and the psalm. you'll need to read that on your own. Sorry!


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What about this encourages me? What challenges me? What upsets me?

  4. Would Jesus say amen to this?



Lord, thank you for all the gifts that surround me. The gift of the ones I love, the gift of my home, the gift of my friends. The gift of my job, the gift of health and the gift of my love from you. Thank you Lord for the gift of my enemies and of those who are different from me. I do not wish them away, but near to me so that I might love them and learn from them as they too learn from me. Thank you for the gifts of my life God, and help me to be a gift to someone else today.

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