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Reading the Bible Day 350

Welcome to the final book in the Bible! Does it feel real yet? You've read 65 books and have come to the end of it all. Well. Done. Revelation is a tough book, particuarly because it is so different than any other book you've read so far. It's full of weird imagery and symbolism that can almost come across as silly upon a first read. But we're going to take 8 days to get through it so that we can read it slowly, even read each chapter twice if time permits so that we can unpack the profound theology found within this final book. Revelation is a glimpse into the spirtual world that God inhabits and it's the promise of the world that God is bringing us towards. A world full of blessing, peace, and unity.

As we approach this text I simply want to say thank you for the journey. Thank you making these last 350 days so fun. It's been nothing short of a blessing to hear from you about how this helped redefine your faith, grow your confidence in who God is, and even how its helped to bring your family closer as you take part in it together. I LOVE that! Next Monday we'll read the final words of the Bible together in person and share in a meal. Look for details in tomorrow's blog or by way of email.

With that said, let's get into it!


Scripture to Read

Revelation 1 - 3

Psalm 40


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What are my initial thoughts about Revelation going in? What do I hope to come out with? Write that down.

  2. John's vision of God looks like something straight out of Daniel from the Old Testament. What do you think God looks like? How do you come to that conclusion?

  3. What about this text can I apply to my life today?

- Overview -

I always recommend you watch the overview videos but this one and tomorrow's video I REALLY encourage you to watch. Revelation cannot be read like anything else you've read up to this point. It's a style referred to as apocalyptic literature and needs to be read through that lens in order to make sense or to find the gospel in it. This video and tomorrow's will help make sense of that.


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is hymn 350 - Come, All of You. There are literally no versions of this on all of YouTube...anywhere. So all I can provide today are the lyrics for us to pray through :)

Come, all of you, come, men and women, come forward

drink of the water provided for you

all of you who are thirsty, come to me to drink

From the water of life provided by Jesus your Lord

Come, all of you, come, bearers of burden, come forward

I will give you rest; don't wait for long

all of you who are weary, come to me, the Christ

Jesus the Lord of all, the Savior, King of humankind.

Come, all of you, come, trouble minded, come forward,

I will give you peace, the peaceful mind

all of you who are hungry, come to me, receive

bread and the water of life, provided by Jesus your Lord

Come, all of you, come, hungry and poor, come forward

Buy your milk and wine without money

Come for free, bring no penny, come to me, receive the

Bread and the water of life, provided by Jesus your Lord.

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