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Reading the Bible Day 279

Hello friends! I'm pretty excited because today we enter into my personal favorite book in all of the Bible. The book of acts follows a similar trajectory of Luke's gospel in that it is always on the move. As Jesus continues to move, the church continues to move and spread farther and farther. It's also implied that the book of acts, otherwise known as acts of the apostles is the story of the birth of the church. It's a group of people, just like you and I, doing all they can in the face of persecution to help as many people as they can. It's not just a fabulous story but it's a fabulous read with lots of twists and turns. Today's reading features the arrival of the Holy Spirit which is a landmark transition for the church. Previously, God's spirit was reserved for God's chosen (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, the prophets, John the Baptist, etc.) But today and thenceforth the spirit was poured out all that believed. Slaves and free, women and men as the text says. Ahhh, so much is good about Acts. I'm excited for you to read it!


Scripture to Read

Acts 1 - 2

Psalm 119: 153 - 176


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this reveal to me about the Holy Spirit?

  2. What does the Holy Spirit mean to you? How do you 'see' the spirit at work?

  3. What attributes or characteristics does the spirit seem to give believers?

There will be more on the Holy Spirit specifically tomorrow but want to start with an overview video to show not only what you've read and how it relates to Luke but also what comes next. Enjoy!


Praying the Hymns

Today we have another spanish hymn called 'Mantos y Palmas" which translates to "filled with excitement" I think thats pretty dang fitting for hte disciples who first experienced the courage of the holy spirit that day.

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