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Reading the Bible Day 267

Hello and welcome to the Gospel of Luke, the final gospel in our study. As a reminder, we are studying Luke last because Luke also wrote the Book of Acts and it will be easier to identify the writing style and meaningful connections that Luke intended when first writing this manuscript studying them side by side in their original form. We start off slow with only 1 chapter today but right from the beginning a few key differences are made. John the Baptist is given an origin story and Mary (mother of Jesus) is magnified more than any other gospels. What purpose or point is Luke trying to make here?


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach you about Jesus?

  2. Why do you suspect Luke included the origin of John the Baptist?

  3. What line of Mary's Magnificat do you find most meaningful?

I don't have any context to share for today's reading but I do have a Bible Project overview video for you. yay!


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is hymn 267 in our hymnal - O Love, How Deep.

1. O love, how deep, how broad, how high, it fills the heart with ecstasy, that God, the Son of God, should take our mortal form for mortals' sake!

2. For us baptized, for us he bore his holy fast and hungered sore, for us temptation sharp he knew; for us the tempter overthrew.

3. For us he prayed; for us he taught; for us his daily works he wrought; by words and signs and actions thus still seeking not himself, but us.

4. For us to evil power betrayed, scourged, mocked, in purple robe arrayed, he bore the shameful cross and death, for us gave up his dying breath.

5. For us he rose from death again; for us he went on high to reign; for us he sent his Spirit here, to guide, to strengthen, and to cheer.

6. All glory to our Lord and God for love so deep, so high, so broad: the Trinity whom we adore, forever and forevermore.

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