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Reading the Bible Day 343

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hello and welcome to our next week, 1 Peter! 1 Peter's intention will be clearer tomorrow in the authors own words but the purpose fo this letter to encourage churches that are experiencing persecution. Peter writes from "Babylon" which most scholars consider to be code word for Rome as it was a place of oppression and imprisonment for Peter. However, in bad news it's most likely that this text was not written by Peter. Many scholars argue that Peter was not the author of the letter because its writer appears to have had a formal education in rhetoric and philosophy, and an advanced knowledge of the Greek language, none of which would be usual for a Galilean fisherman. Nevertheless, 1 Peter is another good reminder that life for Christians was not easy. Sure, our church buildings are getting old and our members with it, but we've got it really good. I take a silent moment for give thanks for the strength of the early believers that made peace possible for you and I and ask God to give you and I strength to continue to make strides so that greater peace is possible for the next generation after us.


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does it mean to "live holy" in your own words?

  2. If you were to write a letter to our church encouraging us in our struggles what would you say? What scripture would you cite? What stories would you tell?

- Overview -

A new book means a new overview video! Tomorrow I'll use this section to talk a little bit about the concept of the "harrowing of hell" (sounds exciting, right? hah!)


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is inspired by hymn 343 - Come Back Quickly to the Lord. If holiness means to be "set apart" and be God's stewards then let us use the words of this prayer to be a commitment to move even just one step closer to being the people that God wants us to be.

Please note that today's hymn is a Korean hymn. I find it appropriate to honor the tradition of the hymn by having it played in its original form. While you cannot understand what is being said I promise you will 'feel' the Spirit in the vocalists power. The English words are below for you to read and consider.

Come back quickly to the Lord, just come back to the Lord.

Though how grave your sins may be, or how burden some they seem

there is no sin he cannot bear, nor sinner not accept

For the bosom of our loving Lord is much greater than all the skies

Come back quickly to the Lord, just come back to the Lord.

Our Lord waits everyday with his doors kept open wide.

He is anxiously waiting for your everyday and every night.

The Lord is waiting through the night for a child who has gone astray

Come back quickly to the Lord, just come back to the Lord.

Though you think that you have sinned and aren't fit to be his child

God will celebrate with a big feast when repentance brings you home.

So come back to his open arms, come back quickly unto the Lord.

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