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Reading the Bible Day 220

Hello friends. While we "technically" finished the Old Testament yesterday we're going to spend the next 10ish days in a review period. 1 and 2 Chronicles retell the entire Old Testament in such a way that refreshes our minds to the stories, characters, plots, covenants, promises, mistakes and all other things that made the OT so exciting and will help keep that fresh when reading Jesus and making those oh so important connections between Old and New. With that said....holy cow is today rough. This takes a new record for the longest recorded reading yet coming in right around an hour. You're being asked to read 10 chapters today and they are not short chapters. On top of that the first 9 chapters are entirely genealogies with hard to pronounce names. Not a great start to a book I would argue haha. Here's my suggestion - don't read this but skim it. Look for the bolded sections to see whose descendants we are talking about and move on. This is primarily just establishing the royal family lines and who is ultimately connected to the kings once the people move from a nomadic lifestyle to an established culture. (Genesis - 2 Samuel)


Scripture to Read

1 Chronicles 1 - 10 (I wish I was kidding - skim it)

Psalm 65


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What is the significance of the genealogy?

  2. How much was familiar to me?

  3. Why do you think the author of Chronicles omitted God's name or any of the creation narrative and instead focused entirely on human activity?

I don't have thoughts for this as my brain is just mush from all that reading but our friends at Bible Project do. I highly encourage you to watch this video as it gives a very large overview of the next 10 days.


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer today comes from hymn 220 in our hymnal - Angels from the Realm of Glory. Another classic Christmas tune. It's Christmas in April ya'll! I hope you feel the presence of God as you meditate, hum, sing or recite these words. Lyrics beneath the video.

1 Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o'er all the earth; ye who sang creation's story now proclaim Messiah's birth:

Refrain: Come and worship, come and worship, worship Christ, the newborn king.

2 Shepherds, in the field abiding, watching o'er your flocks by night, God with us is now residing; yonder shines the infant light: [Refrain]

3 Sages, leave your contemplations, brighter visions beam afar; seek the great Desire of nations; ye have seen his natal star: [Refrain]

4. Saints, before the altar bending, watching long in hope and fear; suddenly the Lord, descending, in his temple shall appear: (Refrain)

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