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Reading the Bible Day 21

Hello hello and happy Saturday to you :) Today in church we celebrate world communion Sunday and begin our next sermon series, Love Your Neighbor, an appeal to let kindness win out as we lead up to the election. When I read this scripture today of Moses and the Israelites I see signs that they were getting a little...cranky with one another. As we come together for communion I hope that you will not just receive the elements, but receive the grace, the sacrificial love of Christ who so freely gave for you and ponder what it means that Christians all around the globe are doing the same. As a movement of love - what difference can we make if we unify in our message? These are my thoughts on this chilly morning. I'm curious about what you are thinking right now.


Scripture to Read

Exodus 13 - 15

Psalm 21


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this scripture teach you about God?

  2. What does this scripture teach you about humanity?

  3. What does this scripture teach you about yourself?

  4. What does it teach you about the relationship between the 3?

- My Thoughts -

This is one of those sections of scripture that stays with me because I find it incredibly human. Over and over as Moses is leading the people into a new and unfamiliar place they lament about how they would rather be back where they were unhappy and uncomfortable, but it was familiar. My gosh is that a word that can PREACH. I think the coronavirus has really made this a reality for many of us. Many people that were previously complaining about their jobs and their co-workers would do anything to "go back to normal" with work even if it was something you hated. I think of the many people in situations of domestic violence or emotional abuse who go back to their partners because "I would rather be beaten than alone." I do not whatsoever mean that these people are weak, or stupid, or anything like that. We all fear change not because of change itself, but we fear losing that which we know or that which we value. Moses continued to show people small signs of the good that will come and that tided them over for a few until they became scared, and mournful of again.

What are you scared of right now? What about COVID-19 has forced a "new normal" that you are accepting still? Could it be in the changes you face, or the changes you need to face, that God is the one who is leading you? How does this scripture change your perspective on things such as this?



Blessed Savior, lead me. How often do I say those words - lead me - and how much do I really want you to lead me? I admit that I am scared to tread into unknown waters. But remind me that to you there are no unknowns. You know the movements of every blade of grass, you are the one to orchestrate the waves of the waters, you cause the stars to glimmer. So today, Lord, lead me. And for this moment, I mean that with all my heart. Trusting in your grace today and always, amen and amen.


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Devotional prepared by Nicholas W. Gliha, associate pastor of Discipleship at the Chagrin Falls UMC on October 2nd, 2020. Get in touch with me by emailing me at

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