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Reading the Bible Day 188

Good day friends! Today is a pretty neat day as I think I've been able to place why Ezekiel is considered to be in the same time period as Jeremiah. Some of the exact same prophecies and sayings from Jeremiah appear almost as the exact same words here in Ezekiel. In a way this is similar to the gospel accounts of Jesus when stories are featured twice with slightly different wording depending on the author and their audience. This really helped some of these prophecies come to life for me. I could imagine Jeremiah and Ezekiel together in the same crowd both hearing the same message from God, and just some of those things stuck out to both of them. In particular I'm thinking of Jeremiah 30 and Ezekiel 11 where God speaks about giving people a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone. Another one is featured tomorrow as well. Super neat to see how God has been teaching people throughout generations, and that continues with you today!


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Questions to Consider

Hiii, I'm changing the format of the questions a lil. Generally I stuck with asking the same 3 questions in my best attempt to ask neutral questions that focus more on God, humanity, and the relationship between the two rather than inserting any subtle jabs or bias' that I might have. However, I think after 188 days those questions have become - let's face it - skippable and preditable. I really do see value in this section of the daily reading...this is the chance to really wrestle with what you read and inscribe it in your hearts and souls. So, the new format will be as follows.

  1. God (timeless)

  2. Historically speaking what does this teach me about the time it was written (Lite Historical context)

  3. What (if at all) applies to me today? (present/future)



  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this help reveal or reinforce about what I think was going on at the time that provoked these words from God/prophet?

  3. Is there something from this reading that I believe applies today? Either culturally or for myself?

Instead of my thoughts today (don't worry plenty of time for that with this book) we're going to continue with our "word study" series. This week is part 2 of 3. Enjoy!



Our prayer today is inspired by hymn 188 in our United Methodist Hymnal. I invite you to pray the words of the hymn in whatever way your soul best feels. :)

1 Christ is the world's light, Christ and none other; born in our darkness, he became our brother. If we have seen him, we have seen the Father: Glory to God on high!

2 Christ is the world's peace, Christ and none other; no one can serve him and despise another. Who else unites us, one in God the Father? Glory to God on high!

3 Christ is the world's life, Christ and none other; sold once for silver, murdered here, our brother; he, who redeems us, reigns with God the Father: Glory to God on high!

4 Give God the glory, God and none other; give God the glory, Spirit, Son, and Father; give God the glory, God with us, my brother: Glory to God on high!

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