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Reading the Bible Day 17

Good morning! Today we begin the Book of Exodus. Exodus is one the most important books in the Bible as it is here that we will find a number of connections to Jesus as well as be introduced to arguably the most important holiday in Jewish culture - Passover. Exodus is a story that says the oppressed will go free and the oppressors will lose. Can you imagine how amazing this story must have been to hear for African American slaves who studied the Bible under the cover of night? That's why so many Afro-spirituals in our hymnals are based on Exodus. I love Exodus, it's probably my second favorite to Acts. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do. Today, we meet Moses - or as my mother would say, Great Moses! :) Let me know your thoughts on it as we go along!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach us about God?

  2. What does this teach us about humanity?

  3. What does it teach us about creation?

  4. What does it teach us about the relationship between the 3?

My thoughts:

This scripture shows us that God is compassionate and rewards those that act with justice (the women that protect the children from being killed getting their own children) and it teaches us that God does not discredit us from doing great things because of our past. God is a God of our present and our future (Moses killing someone did not prevent God from seeing greatness in him). It also teaches us that God is to be revered (burning bush = holy ground) This scripture teaches me that humanity can be cruel when it is scared (this election absolutely highlights that as well) but to not group everyone into a "cruel and evil" camp (such as the women that saved Moses and other babies from a poor fate) From the perspective of creation, the thing that sticks with me is that creation can save us. Moses was saved because of how reeds can float in the water, and Moses was saved because his basket was hidden. But I also believe Moses was saved because of the serenity that nature offers us as revealed with the princess bathing. Maybe she would not have been so kind had she been in the palace. Next month I'm going on a getaway with McKinsie into the wilderness and I know I will walk out feeling much more peaceful on the other side.



Blessed God, thank you for being a kind God to me and thank you for always seeing me as greater than my worst mistakes. I open myself to you to be like Moses, to be like the princess who does what's right even if it is not always lawful. I want to stand on holy ground with you and feel your warmth rest upon me. Give me a sign of your grace this day, I pray. Amen.


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Devotional prepared by Nicholas Gliha, associate pastor of Chagrin Falls UMC on September 28th 2020

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