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Reading the Bible Day 148

Hi, friends! Welcome to a new contender in the Job vs world debate - Elihu! While Elihu may be young, he doesn't think that is a limiting factor to his ability to debate with job. I think there is a great personal connection with our church here. But I'll share more of my thoughts down below. I'd love to know what sticks out for you! Comment below or send me a message.


Scripture to Read

Job 32 - 34

Psalm 143


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. Do I have "ageist" tendencies? (Discrimination against someone based on their age)

- My Thoughts -

Dang, Elihu put on the gloves and knocked Job out in a single punch with this one, didn't he? I adore this section, not just because it's pretty relatable to me being a young person is a generally older field of work, but also the profound wisdom that just inks out of it about God. Ageist tendencies happen with all generations - young people often assume old people are the worst and the world will become better when they are gone and old people often assume the world is going to hell after they pass on because of the younger generations. But this only seems to come to truth once a generation hits their adult years. If there is one area where everyone seems to agree is that children and youth are the best generation with the greatest potential for hope. I think our church supports this claim too. After youth Sunday took a two year hiatus for my first years here many, many, people took time to email me or talk with me after church and explain how valuable that Sunday is to them. Many expressed that the service is the first all year to bring them to tears as they worship in a way that even qualified pastors can't seem to do for them! I don't mean that as a diss either, I think there is a just a truth that we all experience at some point where a youth shows us just how intelligent they are. Elihu is a call to humble us - to remind us that intelligence does not have an age limit nor does it expire. Elihu calls the old to view the young with optimism and the young to view the old the same way. I really, really, enjoyed this section. How about you?



Our prayer today is taken from hymn number 148 from our United Methodist hymnal - Many and Great, O God. (I've never heard this hymn before this but wow it's pretty!)

As usual, I encourage you to pray by humming along, singing, or praying the words to the hymn. (found in and below the video)

Many and great, O God, are thy things,

Maker of earth and sky.

Thy hands have set the heavens with stars;

thy fingers spread the mountains and plains.

Lo, at thy word the waters were formed;

deep seas obey thy voice.

Grant unto us communion with thee

thou star abiding one

come unto us and dwell with us

with thee are found the gifts of life

Bless us with life that has no end

eternal life with thee.

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