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Reading the Bible Day 146

Hi all! Welcome back to Job! We're nearing the end of part 2 of job before we transition to Job's redemption and God's reply. If you need a reminder of the overall picture of Job I've included the Job overview video from the Bible Project that I shared on the first day of Job. With so many days of Job going back and forth with his friends it can be easy to get lost in the weeds of what the larger picture is. Finally, today features some beautiful language on wisdom and where it's find and how precious it is. Shout out to all of you teachers who gives us the wisdom to succeed. :) Let's read!


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What is Job teaching me about why we suffer or why bad things happen?

- My Thoughts -

So I really, really love the Job 28 when he speaks about wisdom. I think it is lovely the way that he put it, and those final! We live in an era presently where wisdom is almost TOO much to bear. The internet has allowed us to have the full insight of the academic world at our fingertips and readily available. That's a pretty incredible thing and no doubt has done more good than bad in terms of scientific advancement.'s also given us a sense of entitlement and skepticism. We feel entitled to have the full access of knowledge on something and we're skeptical when we don't have it. But as mentioned before, the opposite of faith is not ignorance, the opposite of faith is certainty. so many people have lost their faith because they felt the entitlement to fully understand faith...when faith is not something to be understood but experienced. Job teaches us that wisdom, not knowledge, but wisdom comes from God and it's the greatest gift we could ever offer our own souls and the lives of those around us. How do you differentiate between wisdom and knowledge?



Our prayer today is not a hymn, as hymn 146 in the United Methodist Hymnal is a prayer from the Masai people of East Africa. It is a prayer about the birth of a child and the joy that it brings. I encourage you to think of your own children at their birth, or, if you are guardian or god parent to a child, imagine the joy that the child brings to you.

"At the Birth of a Child"

Hail the day on which a child, <child's name here>, was born. Rejoice! Let us all sing and praise her that gave birth to a (son/daughter) for whom she longed. Greet this day with joy. Our hearts are glad.

Let us pray: O creator, who dost all human beings create, thou hast a great worth on us conferred by bringing us this little child! Amen!

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