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Reading the Bible Day 141

Hi friends! Today we are having our first ever LIVE bible reading! Yay! I small brain though and forgot to actually link that like I said I would do the last few days. My bad. So, if you are unable to join the first one don't worry, we'll have another one soon after with better advertising from the coordinator! If you want to join that discussion you can click the link below. It will last about 40 minutes and will include scripture reading and discussion.

Topic: Reading the Bible LIVE

Time: Feb 1, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 731 241 8277

Passcode: 123456


Scripture to Read


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach me about God?

  2. What does this teach me about humanity?

  3. What does this reveal about the way we process problems and disasters?

- My Thoughts -

I loved the contrast between Job and the Psalm this week. Job is in the weeds of lament, and rightfully so, but the Psalm is just oozing happiness and praise. The psalm sings a lot like a gospel call and response song. I love gospel music, it's so fun, but I particularly love the call and response style. The pastor or worship leaders sings out a line of a song and the congregation repeats it. The best versions of call and response and the most common are stories as is the case with this psalm. Psalm 136 tells the whole story of of the Hebrew people from Exodus all the way to 2 Kings in a fun and responsive way. Call and responses are really crucial in certain spaces in the country because they don't discriminate anyone. Blind and unable to read screens? Don't worry, just listen for your part. Can't read music or let alone can't read at all? no worries, just listen and repeat! English not your first language? No worries, just listen! Call and responses truly allow the FULL body of Christ's people to worship together. Speaking of full, gospel music is a FULL body experience too! You're clapping, stomping, jumping, waving hands, swaying, and just gettin down! I am in no way suggesting that you can cure crippling depression like Job's, but there is research to suggest that if you force a smile you can also force the serotonin receptors to activate. Dance causes dopamine and serotonin to rush the brain. So gospel music isn't just praise music, it's genuinely healing. So get ready church, at some point we're gonna boogie in our Sunday best to some FUN music! ;) Do you have a favorite gospel song?



Today's prayer is inspired from hymn number 141 in our United Methodist hymnal. I invite you to hum, sing, or simply read the words in prayer to God.

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1 Comment

Jackie Welch
Jackie Welch
Feb 02, 2021

My favorite gospel song is "Ain't no Grave" I got to sing it in a choir of 150 and got to wail on the tenor part, such a bop.

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