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Reading the Bible Day 222

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hi friends! Today we will be reading more of David's accomplishments, primarily when he gave the ark of the covenant a permanent home (what would later become Jerusalem) As we talked about all those months ago when this content was fresh this is a huge theological shift as God's people went from always on the move to more grounded. With that allowed for greater and bigger, but it also means complacency. How can we as a church both hold pride in what we've done but continue to march forward in faith?


Scripture to Read

1 Chronicles 15 - 17

Psalm 67


Audio Bible


Questions to Consider

  1. What does this teach you about God?

  2. Do you think the establishment of a permanent place for the ark was a good move? Why or why not?


Praying the Hymns

Our prayer for today is inspired by hymn 222 in our hymnal - Nińo Lindo. Nino Lindo is a traditional venuzeulan song which translates to "Child So Lovely." I invite you to listen to the song and try to either sing along in Spanish or sing along with the English translation beneath.


Niño lindo, ante ti me rindo, // (Child so lovely here I kneel before you)

Niño lindo, eres tú mi Dios. // (child so lovely you are Christ my God)

Niño lindo, ante ti me rindo, // (Child so lovely hereI kneel before you)

Niño lindo, eres tú mi Dios. // (Child so lovely you are Christ the Lord)

Esa tu hermosura ese tu candor // (You have heaven's beauty and God's purity)

el almameroba el almameroba me robael amor // (stealing my devotion, stealing my affection, stealing all my soul) [Refrain]

La vida bien mio y el almatambien // (all my life, my darling, and my soul as well)

te ofrezco gustoso te ofrezco gustoso, rendido a tus pies // (this is what I offer, offer joyously falling at your feet) [Refrain]

Adiós, tierno Infante, adiós, Niño, adiós. // (Adios tender baby, adios child)

Adiós, dulce amante, adiós, dulce amante, // (adios, sweet beloved, adios sweet beloved)

Amante, adiós, Niño, adiós. // (adiós child adios) [refrain]

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